It’s all lights, camera, and action with The Capture Guru this week as he takes you through the making of the cover for Natural Medicine Magazine.

If you have ever dreamed of seeing your face on the cover of a magazine, or would love to let your artistic flare shine using your chosen makeup or hair brush, discover the ins and outs of the high-fashion, magazine world with interviews from the cover star, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion designer and magazine editor in this week’s episode with our Capture Guru.

Lights, Camera, Action! The Making of Natural Medicine's Cover


2016 has been an extremely exciting year for us with the launch of The Capture Guru and a very successful year of shoots with some of the biggest brands and agencies across South Africa. Take a journey with The Capture Guru in this episode to view some of the remarkable ad campaigns that he has had the pleasure of photographing over 2016.

At The Capture Guru, we realised that we needed to expand to bring you interesting content that you look forward to watching. We saw synergy in joining forces with Dreamcatcher Publications and Natural Medicine Magazine to have the opportunity of working with a much larger team and to be able to tap into a larger network! In the new year, we want to try and make a difference to our amazing country with a range of fantastic projects lined up, starting with next week’s episode! Watch this episode to find out what we have in store for you…

A Look at 2016 & an Anticipated Announcement for 2017